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2nd Annual Untrend The Trend – Jan ’16

                  Event Details

Inspirational speeches on self-esteem & friendship, followed by games based on the event’s themes, and a design your own quilt-tile session! You can also look forward to your chance at winning one of our many prizes from our free raffle!
Quilt-tiles will be designed by you, sewn together into quilts, and then donated to a family in need.
Pizza and refreshments will be provided


Has your friend ever made you laugh to a point that your belly hurt? Or surprised you in the most beautiful way? Or did something so embarrassing that you had to tell people you didn’t know them?


Participate in our challenge and WIN A PRIZE. All you have to do is talk about your favourite friendship moments that made you laugh, cry, giggle etc.


Share it on Social Media with the hashtag #freindshiphenanigans, tag your friend and be sure to tag us Modest Muslimah to WIN.


Best status/tweet will receive a prize. Winners will be announced at our event on Saturday. Have fun and get creative.

Registrations are closed for this event

Please let us know how we did in this event by filling out a short survey



800 King Edward

Room A0150, School of Engineering (SITE) Building