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Empowerem’s main objective is to boost self-confidence in women by empowering them in four key areas of development. We strive to optimize the potential in young women and create future leaders who will show coming generations the way forward. We provide innovative programs, workshops and support in the following areas.

Empower’em is motivated to provide a safe space for you and for everyone.

Skills Development

This objective focuses on organizing events designed to teach young women life skills that won’t be found in any ordinary academic environment. Workshops range from detailed oriented skills, such as sewing, to more hands-on hard skills, such as car management (changing a tire, boosting a car).


This objective focuses on helping young women achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. These events are equipped with just enough to challenge our participants to eat healthier and to take care of their physical, mental and sexual health. Events range from flexible schedules of open gym sessions to structured hiking trips and yoga classes.


This objective focuses on helping young women embrace their Canadian Muslim identity and achieve spiritual fulfilment through increasing their understanding of their faith.

These events are designed to help young Muslim women expand their knowledge of Islam and connect their daily lives with the teachings of their faith. Our events range between a discussion based setting to a very interactive session to allow peers to learn from one another and discuss topics that are considered taboo in the community.

Note: Although we are an Islamic Organization, all women from any ethnic background or spiritual belief are welcome to attend all our events.


This objective focuses on inspiring young women to reach out and empower others. So far, this has been achieved by engaging all our participants in our “Quilt For Them” Project. Each young woman gets to decorate a square piece of cloth, which is then quilted into blankets by the team to then either be donated to the homeless or auction it to raise funds for a cause.