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Our FAQs will answer most of the questions you have for Empowerem

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What can I expect if I attend an Empowerem event?
  • You will  be in for a FANTASTIC time!
  • You will get to share ideas with like minded women.
  • You will be at an event that is well organized and planned.
  • You will be instantly invited in and welcomed!
  • You will be surrounded by a positive energy.
Do I have to be a member to attend events?
  • No, all our events are open to the public
Who is this organization for?
  • It is open to all women between ages 15-30
If I am out of this age bracket am I still able to attend?
  • Priority will be given to women of this age bracket (15-30) but if there is space at our events, then others are welcome to attend.
Is there child care at Empowerem events?
  • No, we currently do not provide these services at our events.
Where can I sign up for the newsletter?

You can sign up for Empowerem Newsletter here.

Is Empowerem incorporated Non-for-profit with the Government of Canada?
  • No, we are a social enterprise run by students for students. Our team is composed of volunteers who do not use any funds or donations for personal use.
Are Empowerem events free?
  • We try to keep our events affordable or free. Charges for events vary depending on the content of events, prices in the past have ranged between $0-$20.
Are these events only open to Muslim women?
  • No, all women from any ethnic background or spiritual belief are welcome to attend our events.
How can we help or get involved with Empowerem?

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