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To inspire women to help build the community and develop a strong desire to be the change


To inspire young women to feel comfortable with their bodies and continue to stay fit

Skill Development

To help young women reach a level of confidence that they feel comfortable working through daily life necessities


To motivate young women identify, appreciate and embrace being a Muslimah

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We offer a multiple range of events that will help girls and women develop necessary skills while having fun. Our aim is to plan, create and execute such events that will boost up your overall self confidence and energy level


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Many of our events are dedicated to community work and charity. We at Empowerem take care of our society.

We want to be the change that could bring a smile on someones face

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Empowerem is looking for highly energetic and skillful women to join the organization. Our volunteering experience is much different than others

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Empowerem is a charitable organization that runs with the help of people like you. Please support our organization by making a donation. We're thankful to all the people who helped Empowerem succeed in it's missions
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Our organization is funded and sponsored by some of the biggest and most reputed organizations in Ottawa like University of Ottawa and many others. Thinking of becoming a sponsor? Feel free to contact us now

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Empowerem is open to your ideas and suggestions. We keep looking forward for new concepts, themes or any special topic on which you want to have a workshop. Just let us know and we'll make it happen for you

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Our work process begins with innovative ideas provided by people like you


Once we have an idea, we try to convert that idea into planning something cool


After plans comes the difficult part - Arrangements for the event. This is the time we need your efforts


The final step is execution where we actually deliver the end product to you based on your demand

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